In the Guest House there is also a restaurant with the capacity of 52 seats and a terrace for other 28 people. The visitors will be certainly delighted with the spectacular views on our pond, meadows and hills.

The restaurant serves fresh homemade dishes from farm products, i.e. lamb meat, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, honey and quantity of herbs. Vegetables are in season exclusively from our production, the herbs year round.

Specialities of our restaurant are the farm chicken, lamb leg and fresh (not frozen) baked goose. The geese can be ordered from August while goose stock lasts (till the last goose won´t be eaten) – for season 2012 more than 300 geese have been prepared. The price of a roast goose is CZK 1,500, – (without side dish). If interested, it is necessary to order it at least two days in advance.

During the whole winter we offer tea from local fruits and herbs (rosehips, apples,..) sweetened with our sugar.

Example of the menu

  1. Potato menu – CZK 35,-
  2. Braised roast beef with mushrooms – CZK 170,-
  3. Lamb pieces – CZK 190,-
  4. Boiled potatoes – CZK 35,-
  5. Rice – CZK 35,-
  6. Paprika salad stewed with garlic – CZK 45,-
  7. Chocolate roll with whipped cream – CZK 35,-
  8. Potato cake –  CZK 20,-
  9. Lamb liver with potatoes, 3 slices – CZK 130,- (includes side dish)
  10. Lettuce salad with cream – CZK 35,-