Farm products

O násThe main products of the farm are lamb, mutton, beef, geese, ducks, chickens, eggs, honey, fish and curative herbs.

All animals are provided with maximum space and grazing on mountain meadows. We do not use any artificial fertilizers or chemicals. We strive to return the landscape its previous form, especially with regard to the mature vegetation. We plant in the alleys and in the newly created orchard old local varieties of fruit trees (recently we have planted more than 70 varieties).

In our farm you will get the opportunity to get to know more about honey production, to visit our bee house and to taste real honey from Šumava. In the immediate vicinity of the bee house you can find Priessnitz healing shower and a pond.

At the meadows around you can see two hundred sheep together with fifteen cows, a horse, shepherd dog Rico and his dog lady Laura. Flock of ducks and geese refresh in the water and short way off flock of chickens bask in the sun.

Above the bee house and next to the Guest House there is a garden with fruit bushes, vegetables and field of medicinal herbs. Next to each kind of herb you can find a label with description of the herb and its medicinal properties. You can visit the garden anytime and learn to distinguish different types of herbs.

Price list of products

You can buy all our organic products, but as we do not have any brick-and-mortar store, it is better to call in advance.

  • Organic eggs: CZK 4,-/1 egg
  • Lamb – live lamb: CZK 2,000,-
  • Disembowelled and skinned: CZK 2,200,-
  • Goose – disembowelled: CZK 150,-/kg
  • Roasted: CZK 1,500,- + potato dumplings and sauerkraut (not included)